Monday, October 6, 2008

Because I'm A Fat Bastard....

OK - Im not morbidly obese... but I'm up there. I really only want to get in shape for one reason... my health. I don't feel like suffering a few heart attacks or yield my food intake due to diabetes somewhere down the road.

I'm a fairly out of shape 32 year old who just gets really bored of running on a treadmill or working out or you know... all that faddy stuff that just never takes.
I could count points on what I eat, or I can cut out carbs, or I can just wish I was dead while sucking down a rice cake and another bottle of water.

But really. REALLY???? I know theres one real formula for EVER losing weight. Calorie intake is less than caloric input. Add in a few extra things like starving yourself WILL NEVER work, and you need proper nutrition to ... well ... LIVE, I devised a simple plan.

I am now a student of the Martial Arts.

Yes people in web-land... I am on my way to registering myself as a lethal weapon. I figured quite a few things...

1 - Its actually a fitness program with real goals (or belts).
2 - Its a lot of fun
3 - Its strict and the instructors like to push you

Put it together with a nice, clean diet, and VIOLA! I should be Brad Pitt in no time flat.

I have to tell you that if you are considering this, there are also other things that make this so much fun...

I convinced my wife to start classes with me. I get that people work out with their significant other, but I never really "got it." It's fun to see her sparring with me or practicing blocks or really working hard next to me trying to bang out 100 jumping jacks. It really makes me see my wife in an entirely new light. I see her out there having fun and really getting into it, and it once again makes me feel how lucky I am. Not only do I get to work out, aim for losing my keg (where my 6-pack abs should be), learn a terrific sport/skill, but I have someone in my life who actually dedicated a lot of her extra time to spend it with me, doing this.

What more could I ask for? Except my black belt, I guess.

Soon enough, I am sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

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