Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ok - been a long time since I wrote, but finally something caught my attention that I could vent about.

If you take a look at the pics, you will notice a wonderfully bright new Superbowl 43 Champions T-Shirt. Looks so wonderful in the factory, doesnt it? So white, crisp, and clean...

OH WAIT... did you catch it? Me being a Steelers fan, I caught it right away... The Cardinals DID NOT WIN Superbowl 43.

So a researching I went and here is what I found...

1,000s of T-shirts and hats are pre-printed before the game. Makes perfect sense, right? I mean the players need to wear them to celebrate, and fans at the game need to buy them on the way out.

The losing team, however, the shirts are never heard from again. They are actually never seen by the US public. Turns out, the NFL donates the pre-printed shirts and hats to an organization called world vision. They then whisk the items away to 3rd world countries and clothe thousands of people with the losing team's apparel. Nice.

Now, dont get me wrong, donations are wonderful, but heres what irks me...

The security around these shirts are EXTREMELY tight. The organization doesnt want anyone to get their hands on the gear, out of fear they will be re-sold for higher profits on eBay.

WAIT A MINUTE... doesnt THAT make more sense?

Why doesnt the organization sell the shirts (what they can) on eBay and make MORE MONEY? Which in turns buy more food, more clean water, perhaps MORE clothes that cost less, since they wouldnt be NFL printed logo merchandise???

They could even tap further markets by having the shirts re-ran through the printing press and add things to the original design... make things say "Almost Champions" or "Superbowl Champions... NOT!"

See what Im saying?

And then, the needy people in third world countries, who are probably basking in the sun of the desert can stop staring at the guy handing them a t-shirt oddly, when all they really want is some sunscreen and a twinkie.

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