Friday, August 1, 2008


Is there anything better than waking up in the morning, taking a shower, getting ready for work (in proper dress code attire), and then stepping outside to a temperature of 80 degrees, with a real feel of 140?

I'm not sure of it's the notion that showering was absolutely useless, as my 3 foot walk to the car just caused me to sweat through my polo, or realizing it's only 8:00 am, and the sun isnt even overhead yet.

I made the huge mistake of lowering my window in my car to let the heat out. Why is that a mistake? Well, what comes after that... I lean my elbow out to rest on the door/sill... and SINGE MY FOREARM. Luckily, the heat coming off the metal cauterized the wound as it burned through my flesh, so I didnt get any blood on my leather seats, WHICH BY THE WAY manage to sear my back and legs as if I am sitting on a Teflon skillet over high heat.

Ahhhhh the summer. Gotta love it. I still like it better than a frigid day in the winter... but really... a frickin' breeze would be nice.

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