Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NFL Countdown - way tooo long!!!

Well, training camp is well under way. In case I haven't mentioned before... I am a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Opening day (real season game) is SUNDAY, 9/7.
Meaning we have just over 1 month to "get ready."
Something happens when the NFL is in the air.
Something magical for men (mostly), but for all fans alike. We realize the suckiness of waiting MONTHS for the new season to come is almost over.
We drool at whatever articles about our favorite teams, corrupt athletes, coaching changes, or injured players we can dig up.
We start searching for what fan necessities we might need to get through the season. I personally need a new jersey. Every year. EVERY FRICKIN' YEAR!!! I have an amazing collection of these over-priced meshed heavy "t-shirts" with properly printed logos, numbers, names, etc. I love them. But at least I wear them with something underneath, so my pasty white skin doesnt shine through....
We start conjuring up dates we need to segregate ourselves from the public. Future game dates that MIGHT be crucial.
We start thinking about recipes and foods needed in the house to keep for the big game.
We need to watch rosters and trades and contracts to see how our team might stack up against the competition.
If youre a Jets fan, you need to start buying tissues to wipe all the tears.
If youre a Packers fan, you need to throw your Favre jersey out. No wait. Wear it. No wait. Toss it. No wait... UGHHHHH!!
But ESPN starts to become the favorite TV channel.
Reading Peter King articles every Monday Morning becomes the norm.
The office pools frustrate you more and more, and every week, it seems a new one comes out. $5.00 more to lose, I guess. Oh well... IT'S FOOTBALL!
We start seeing better ads on TV. Ones with crazy people drinking Coors Light. We see ads in HD that are crystal clear (even if they are playing on a standard TV). We see cheerleaders, giant horses, 10 million direcTV ads, 6 million Sprint ads, 3 million Master Card ads, AND THEY ALL HAVE PEYTON MANNING IN THEM!!!
and we dont care.
Because it's football.
It's the NFL. We waited this long. We are in the home-stretch. Pads and helmets come out soon for some teams. And we can feel the hits when we see them on TV.
It's amazing... we are almost there NFL fans... HANG IN THERE!!!!!

here we go Steelers, HERE WE GO!!!!
here we go Steelers, HERE WE GO!!!!

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