Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Michael Godard ROCKS....

This is for all people who nevber heard of Michael Godard...
I saw his works on a cruise ship once and was fascinated by his work...

He does these amazing paintings that are just so far fetched from what snooty (snobby) people call "art." To me... this is the real deal.

Whilst my wife calls it one step above dogs playing poker, I marvel at the creative genius behind making things like martini olives, or wine grapes come to life and immerse themselves in a surreal world of fantasy and pleasurable sins.

I am unsure why, but these paintings also seem to stir an erotic nerve within... as if to say, Im a naughty olive... drink my poison.

I highly recommend checking him out and possibly picking out a piece for yourself. I just got his 2009 calendar from allposters.com, and I LOVE EVERY MONTH!

Booze, Gambling, Money, erotic olives... weird, but ohhhhhh so much fun.

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