Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ode to the T-Shirt

Have you ever been to the Cotton Market?

I thought they were all about sheets and towels... you know… linens, etc. But no! They are all about the clothes! AND WONDERFUL CLOTHES AT THAT!

I am all about finding the good deals and the best value for my money. So, when I was there and saw signs that said “T-Shirts, 2 for $20,” I was a bit skeptical. But, I plopped down my greenbacks and off I went.

Being a T-shirt aficionado, and a self-proclaimed T-Shirt Specialist, I examined the tee thoroughly. Beautiful silk-screening on the front. Very close to the actual material… almost as if it were blended within. No puffy spots, runs or faded ink-spots. I verified the inners of the shirt and there was no bleed through. There were no rough spots either, which is most important to avoid chaffing of the highly sensitive nipple area.

The tag reads XL and 100% cotton description which frightens me of foreseen shrinkage in the size of the shirt.

Here goes… I put the new tee on, and VIOLA!!!! My friends of the blogging community, we have a new favorite shirt. It feels unlike all other t-shirts I have ever known. It fits wonderfully. It doesn’t grab me too tight in the armpits, or snug me around my chest and then loosen around my waste. It doesn’t just lie on my shoulders like a pup-tent and pleat like drapes on a bay window either. It hangs as if this shirt were custom fit for my entire body. I wear it with pride, and then… it’s time to take it off.

Reluctantly, I look at the shirt and then look at the clothes hamper. I know the shirt is doomed. I know the fit of the shirt is over as I knew it. It’s off to wife-land, where no cloth comes back un-harmed. But I need it fresh, and I need it clean, so off it goes to the land of abused clothes. A whirlwind of unspecified temperatures my wife likes to call the washer and dryer. Everything is either washed in hot, or super-hot, and we make do from there.

I sit, and I pray as I watch my wife sort the scalding pile of freshly dried items, and then folding each one quickly to avoid burning her fingers. And there it is. Theres my new number one fella! I grab at him and give him a few shakes. And he looks, well… alright. Unharmed. Roughly the same size. Impossible, right? I tear off my shirt that I’m wearing and throw it on and to my amazement, IT’S BRAND NEW-ISH!!! I couldn’t believe it.

I love the Cotton Market, and have been back several times over. Right now, they are doing this thing where if I bring in 1 pound of old clothes for them to donate to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, I get $5.00 in store credit. Do I need to tell you I am bringing in about 100 shrunk or no longer worn T-shirts?

OH YEAH, let me tell you… they have this “PIMA” cotton shirt thing going on, too, and WOW… wanna blow your mind? Try one of those bad boys on. You won’t want to take it off… trust me!

This begs the question of why are people paying $50 or more for such expensive t-shirts? I see these Ed Hardy shirts around and think $80? $100? More? That’s CRAZINESS. Have people gone mad? They can complain about paying for the gas to get to the mall at $4.00 a gallon (I complain too), but fork over $100 for a T-Shirt??? INSANE. I say go to the market. I’d throw my number one in the ring with an EH Shirt any day.

**special thanks to Brian for inspiring me to write this article.

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