Friday, August 29, 2008

E-Tailer do me no wrong...

This is NOT an advertisement in any way....

I buy a lot of things on-line. I love it. I do my research, I do my price comparisons, and BOOM, I buy it. With a click of the mouse, I am ready to have my goodies delivered, and all I do is wait. I come home, and it's like a wonderful gift on my doorstep. Waiting to be unwrapped and cherished in my place of non-essentials.

I wanted to comment on NEWGG.COM for a little bit. You've seen the logo (I hope):

The past few times I have placed an order... it shows up on my doorstep THE NEXT DAY. Now, I am quite puzzled by this... usually I am placing my orders well after 3:00pm, and they never fail me.

Do they have little newegg elves living in my area, building the items, and then whisking them to my doorstep?

Perhaps the developed a worm-hole?

Maybe a time-machine?

Either way... their delivery system is UNBELIEVABLE. I am usually very cost conscious - if it saves me a dollar, I will order from that site, HOWEVER, with Newegg's new worm-hole developed system, I would totally spend up to $5.00 more to have them handle my every wish.

Thanks NEWEGG!!!!!

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