Monday, July 7, 2008


OK - so everyone I know blogs. Blog this and blog that. I read theirs and think... I could write about that. Or I think... WAIT A MINUTE... I just talked to this person about that, and they blogged it. Why didnt I do that? And wait a minute more... they left out one of the most important details.
So now... it appears Im blogging about other bloggers. That should go over well in the blogging community.
Anyway... here is what you can expect from me, and my future rantings... I complain. A lot. The world bothers me. People DEFINITELY bother me. All the little annoying things in life that people usually suck up and ignore or deal with... I dont. I point it out, and I explain why its an issue, and why it should no longer be tolerated. It seems that society has evolved into a selfish, "it's all about me" place making just walking through the mall a tedious chore these days. And Im not joking... people stroll at their own pace, 7 people long, blocking all traffic. Or people will cut you off and practically step on your toes to get into a store 3 seconds faster than if they had just waited for you to pass. Its not like Im a feeble old man with a walker - Im a quick walking 32 year old - trust me... Im over the 6' tall mark.. I have long legs, and Im not lazy. People really just have never and not a care in the world. And I wanna call them out.
Stop cutting me off in the mall, please. The store will be there after I pass it. I promise.

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