Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been waiting for months (perhaps over a year now) since I first heard the name "Genesis" to see what Hyundai had in store for us.

Hyundai Motors has never been something I would openly say as "Luxury" or "Wowwing" or "Daring" or "Innovative," etc, etc...

But I do have to say the Tiburon has always intrigued me in an odd sort of way. I would catch myself looking at it or grabbing a second glimpse and thinking "WTF?... Thats a Hyundai, why am I looking?"

But until now, perhaps, can I only bring myself to realize how stuck on NAMES and BRANDS we truly are.
This new Hyundai Genesis is far out-classier than anything associated with Hyundai. I have read 6 or 7 reviews and they all say the same thing:

"Hi, I'm Hyundai... you know BMW? you know Mercedes? you know Lexus? Yeah, we FU%@ED them!!!"

It appears, and I've seen the pics which prove this, that they took every BEAUTIFUL aspect of each of these cars and welded them together to get this beast. Not only that, but they made it perform and act like those cars as well. Apparently, they stole the speed of the BMW, the performance of Mercedes, and the ride of the Lexus. And we arent talking the low end models, we are talking the high end stuff.

I am very proud and thoroughly impressed with Hyundai. I only hope that their glass-ceiling shattering break-through of a car is as reliable as the company has stood for the past few years. Keeping that in mind, I wouldnt understand why this car wouldnt be considered a HUGE plus over the likes of "luxury cars." Lets face it, as luxurious as they are, they just aren't as reliable. OK OK - Take Lexus out of that equation... my bad. But you wanna talk unreliable, I will definitely say BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar... all of em... unreliable and not worth it.

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