Tuesday, July 15, 2008



So... I hate it when my dogs bark. I leave them out to play a lot of the time, and sometimes, they get rowdy, and they bark, or the pure beagle howls (like a lunatic). As soon as I hear them... I call them inside. It's not nice for the neighbors to have to put up with it... so I try and do the right thing. Makes sense right?

But here's my issue...

I got a real moron who lives down the street. He is an inconsiderate fugly punk who I strongly have an urge to run outside and beat into a bloody pulp. He walks his poofy little chow (which I consider one of THE ugliest dogs on the planet, by the way) on the sidewalk next to my house. That's fine.. it's public property. However, he notices (and its OBVIOUS) that when he walks by and my dogs are in the back yard, my dogs start acting up and barking at him and his dog. Now, other people walk their dogs too, and I have seen on more than one occasion, that if my dogs start barking, they move on. They understand that it's probably their presence disturbing the peace and serenity of a beautiful day, and they take their dog for the rest of the walk. Not this stupid, worthless excuse for a human being. He actually stops and stops the dog and stands there. I've watched him from my window as he stops and eggs on the barking. It's only when I come outside to pull in my dogs that he starts to walk away. Like he wasn't loitering to begin with.

Whats the law for picking off people on the street like this with a BB gun? I'd love to really take out a leg or a shoulder from my window where I watch from and teach him to move on. But really, will it do any good? These people are all about themselves. And it just ain't right. Wheres the decency? Wheres the common courtesy?


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